Laure Bernard
Naturopathic Medicine
39 boulevard de Magenta Paris, France 75010
Years of experience 5

Total years in practice: 5

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Laure Bernard
Naturopathic Medicine
Migraine | Weight Problems
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About me

As a naturopath, I want to help people in their approach to take charge of their health and well-being. I have always been interested in natural care for the body, skin, hair ... At first, my interest in natural products came from the manufacture of household products, then cosmetics and so on, I managed to take care of my health naturally . I first discovered vegetable oils, essential oils, clay, bee products, plants ... and I began to care for myself and then for others. It has become a passion . My journey After working four years in the business and five years in the computer, I discovered naturopathy. The profession of naturopath allowed me to combine my passions: natural care and human relations. So I decided to do my job. My career has allowed me to understand the issues at work and the difficulty of composing everyday work, privacy and take care of yourself. I graduated as Naturopath by CNR André Lafon (2017). I am an adherent member of the Naturopathic Professionals' Union . I am certified as Traditional Aromatherapy Practitioner by the French Aromatherapy Federation (2017). I discovered different massage practices during my naturopathic training, finding that it was complementary to naturopathy, for the well-being, to help with drainage ..., I perfected myself: In wellness massage at the Miki School massage school in Paris. (2017) In foot reflexology (Nuad Thao) in the Miki School massage school in Paris. (2018) In shiatsu at the Miki School massage school in Paris. (2019) Before that, I did a year of bachelor's degree in biology at the University Paris-VI. This allowed me to have knowledge of the biological functioning of the human body. It allowed me to learn the different natural techniques and to have a professional approach .

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