Dr. Ron Murray,
Naturopathic Medicine , Integrative Medicine
Ellicott City, Maryland
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Dr. Ron Murray
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Dr. Ron Murray,
Naturopathic Medicine | Integrative Medicine
Chronic Pain
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Ronald S. Murray PT, Doctor of Integrative Medicine

Dr. Murray’s journey into healing and discovery of Manual Regulation Therapy (MRT) is one of recovery and curiosity. The result is a gift that he uses to help people heal from diseases and disorders after many other healthcare providers have given up.

In his late teens after playing football for many years, Dr. Murray chose to pursue Olympic-style weightlifting which provided him the opportunity to compete solely on his own efforts. Within just one year of training, he placed third in the regional championship and then first in the region the following year

Unfortunately his Olympic aspirations were cut short during his third training year when Dr. Murray developed patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) which as an aching pain in the knee joint that occurs when the kneecap (patella) rubs on the femur bone underneath.

This sent Dr. Murray on a six-year search for a cure, consulting with professional sports team physicians, orthotics, and experimental treatments, finally culminating in surgery and a tough year of rehab. Once able to train again he began to have wrist and back problems. It was at this point he decided to pursue academics and was accepted into the elite Physiotherapy program at the University of Maryland.

Dr. Murray’s quest for knowledge and fascination about how the human body works to enhance healing has led him to train under some of the world’s most renown physicians and healthcare providers, such as Joe Casino, founder of one of the first integrative medical clinics in the DC region; Thomas Rau, MD, founder of the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland; John E Upledger of The Upledger Institute; and more.

However, the most profound impact and reinforcement on his work and approach to health recovery was with his patients and work as co-founder of the integrative medicine clinic called National Integrative Health Associates.

The stories of healing are incredible. Patients report that their cancers were changing, mute children started speaking, asthma was abating, TBIs were healing faster, and even psycho-emotional issues like PTSD improved. See for yourself.

Today, Dr. Ron is a renowned practitioner of both traditional naturopathy and integrative medicine. He is a physiotherapist, and a master practitioner and teacher of cranial sacral therapy, visceral manipulation, myofascial release, body mind healing, as well as a trainer and mentor of healing professionals.

Key Credentials

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Capital University of Integrative Medicine, Department of Clinical Medical Education, Doctor of Integrative Medicine*

Upledger Institute, Master CranioSacral Therapy

George Washington University, Center for Integrative Medicine

Licensed Physical Therapist

Certified Nutritional Consultant

*Dr. Murray is not a medical doctor or osteopath. He has two doctorates, including one in Integrative Medicine, and another in Traditional Naturopathy.

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