Dr. Lynn Anderson,
Naturopathic Medicine
Los Angeles, California, United States
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Dr. Lynn Anderson
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Dr. Lynn Anderson,
Naturopathic Medicine
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 Doctor Lynn - a Naturopathic Doctor, Yoga therapist, author, baby boomer, mother and grandmother with over thirty years’ experience in health and fitness. She will teach how to find balance and health in body, mind and soul.

Natural Health or Naturopathy is the path of obtaining balance through diet, exercise, relaxation, positive attitudes and appreciation for life. Naturopathy teaches us that we are three parts; body, mind and soul, and it is the balancing of all three that brings about perfect health. Lose your health for only a moment and you will appreciate the value of your health; for your health is truly the most valuable thing in your life..  

Doctor Lynn has been in the health and fitness field for over thirty years. She holds a Ph. D. in Natural Health and is a master aroma-therapist and herbalist. She is a faculty member to the American Council on Exercise and Yoga Alliance, as well as an adjunct professor at LMU and a certified yoga therapist. She has authored several books and has been published in major publications such as Reader’s Digest, Shape, SELF, SPRY, The Chicago Times and Redbook.


Dr. Lynn has devoted the last twenty-five years to the study and practice of Naturopathy (Natural Health), Holistic Health, Yoga, nutrition, and pro-aging. She maintains a private Naturopathy practice in Los Angeles specializing in nutrition, eating disorders, Yoga therapy, anti-aging, herbology and addictions. She has also hosted, weekly, a national radio show on pro-aging and alternative medicine and was the international corporate educator for Aroma Vera, Inc.

The author of "The Twelve Secrets to Pro-Aging,", and several other books, Dr. Anderson teaches Yoga, cycle, and her pro-aging, yoga, Aero*boga and Spin class in venues in Los Angeles, CA.


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