Dr.  ashok  Bhandari,
Naturopathic Medicine
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Dr.ashok Bhandari
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Dr. ashok Bhandari,
Naturopathic Medicine
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Dr. Ashok Bhandari is a Naturopathic Physician specializing in regenerative sports medicine. He is also an experienced Ayurvedic medicine practitioner. He received his Naturopathic medical training at Bastyr University, where he also finished his Master’s of Ayurvedic Medicine simultaneously.

Alongside his medical education, Dr. Bhandari has completed extensive further training in nutrition and nutraceuticals, physical medicine and sports medicine, environmental medicine and therapeutic detoxification, herbal medicine, and mindbody medicine and biofeedback. Though specializing in regenerative sports medicine in clinical practice, Dr. Bhandari places a heavy emphasis on individualized diet and lifestyle modifications. He believes that all treatments must be built on top of this strong foundation.

Dr. Bhandari grew up in Calgary, Alberta as a multi-sport athlete, competing in soccer, track and field, and martial arts. During his high school years, he competed nationally in open martial arts tournaments, and was a 3-time running national champion in his style of Kung-Fu. Due to his long list of injuries, he slowly transitioned from competing to coaching. As a young athlete and a coach, Dr. Bhandari learned to emphasize a holistic approach that not only optimized physical function, but also mental and emotional aptitude. He was extremely passionate about diet and lifestyle and how these played a role in overall health and, specifically, sports performance. His passion for sports medicine also began early, taking his first sports medicine class at the age of 13!

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