Cécile Petureau
Naturopathic Medicine
17 rue du Faubourg Montmartre Paris, France 75009
Years of experience 5

Total years in practice: 5

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Cécile Petureau
Naturopathic Medicine
Stress | Weight Problems
English | French
About me

Cécile Petureau; Naturopathic Medicine Who am I ? Parisian adopted, former lawyer fond of healthy food, I am now Naturopathic Medicine. And do not feed me only seeds! After practicing in a large Parisian law firm, I made the choice of a 180 ° turn. I left the profession without a hitch, knowing where I wanted to go. I aspired to be useful and to return to the essential: the human contact, to produce concrete, to have a positive impact. I discovered Naturopathic Mediciney by chance during a workshop and I quickly intuit that it could become my job: I am passionate about healthy food and the famous Latin quote A healthy mind in a healthy body Has always been my philosophy. The coherence and common sense of this approach have also echoed in my Cartesian mind, shaped by the world of law. It is a real pleasure today to practice the profession of Naturopathic Medicine. Graduate of the Superior Institute of Naturopathic Mediciney , I am certified by the French Federation of Schools of Naturopathic Mediciney and the Organization of Natural Medicine and Health Education . I receive my clients in individual consultations and organize workshops within companies and for individuals. In this context, my experience as a lawyer is a real added value to answer each of the given issues: I naturally lead a reflection to find the right solutions and demonstrate a true ability to listen.

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