Dr. Vishwanath Iyer,

, Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra, India, 400071

 Years of experience  30

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Practice Name Vishwanath-Iyer
Specialties | Exercise | | Yoga
Conditions Sleep Disorders
Language English
Experience 30
About Me

I come from a family of Yoga practitioners, teachers and masters. My grandfather, Yogacharya Sundaram started India's second or third yoga school and wrote the first English manual on yoga for health. My aunt, Jeyalakshmi was possibly one of the first female yoga instructors.

I maintain 3 blogs on the subject of Yoga.

First – on Raja Yoga - http://yoga-shala.blogspot.in

Second – Asana for health and therapy - http://asana-therapy.blogspot.in

Third – the evolution of yoga and its ecosystem - http://yoga-ecosystem.blogspot.in

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Vishwanath Iyer

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