Mrs. Amanda Henham,

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3806

 Years of experience  10

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Practice Name Vaga Nutrition
Education BHSc, Nut Med
Specialties | Nutrition | | |
Conditions Abdominal Pain | ADHD/ADD | Epilepsy | Women's Health And Pregnancy
Language English
Experience 10
About Me

Amanda is a functional nutritional medicine practitioner,
blending science and nature to achieve patient-centered outcomes. She holds a
Bachelor of Health Science, Nutritional Medicine.

Providing nutrition and lifestyle support and modification
based on a clients' specific needs, she considers the life stage, underlying
physical and emotional factors, and goals, working carefully and holistically
putting all the pieces together to create a healthy and happy individual.

With local and international clients, Amanda is recognized
for her expertise in nutritional medicine, compassion, honesty and simple
approach to health.

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Very Poor Poor Fair Good Very Good

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