Shreesh Tripathi,
Meditation , Yoga
Kathmandu, Nepal
Years of experience 17

Total years in practice: 17

Practice Name
Shreesh Tripathi
Practitioner Name
Shreesh Tripathi,
Meditation | Yoga
Back Pain | Depression | Insomnia | Weight Problems
About me

At the young age of 12, Shreesh left family in Nepal to study and practice art of living. He spent more than a decade learning and living the yoga in different ashrams in India. After experiencing the ashram life, he came to Nepal and started teaching yoga in one of the popular retreats in Pokhara. He now has opened his own yoga retreat in Pokhara. Shreesh as a yogi wants to spread the knowledge, importance and impact of yoga to the entire humanity. Participants do enjoy his classes combined with pranayama, asana and dynamic movements.

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