Divya Mangla
Meditation , Yoga
Goa, Arambol Dharamsala, Bhagsu, Himachal Pradesh Rishikesh, Near Laxman Jhula
Years of experience 30

Total years in practice: 30

Practice Name
Divya Mangla
Practitioner Name
Divya Mangla
Meditation | Yoga
Back Pain | Constipation
About me

Divya was born and brought up in Delhi, India and was practising yoga from 30 years or more since childhood and his father was also teaching yoga. Divya was intersted in spirituality from very early age. He went to Osho commune and learned and practised different meditations and explored spirituality for many years .Divya learned different styles of YOGA ASANAS (postures ), PRANAYAMA( Breathing exercises ) from different teachers. He taught Yoga asanas (Postures ), Pranayama(Breathing Exercises ) and Meditations to many poeple in Goa, Dharamsala,Delhi in India,China, Thailand , Baliand helped them to to become better yoga teacher and get benefit for all body parts and cure stomach problems , constipation,back pain ,sugar, loosing fats and helped them to feel more freshness, aliveness, rejuvination , happiness , relaxation and growth in spiritual journey by meditation

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