Husam Abuolwan, Naturopathic Medicine

Israel, London, England, United Kingdom, 00972

 Years of experience  10

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Practice Name Husum Abu Olwan
Education MCEM
Specialties Naturopathic Medicine
Conditions Acne | Erectile Dysfunction (ED) | Glaucoma
Language English
Experience 10
About Me Greeting!
I am an Emergency Specialist Doctor, American Heart Association Instructor. Training supervisor with International NGOs. Health & Nutrition expert, HIGHLY MEDICAL EXPERIENCES on reporting, documentation & medical content writing. I have a deep insight in all aspects of writing related to health and sciences. I would be happy to answer all medical and emergency-related questions plus nutrition and body health.

I have 10 years’ Experience as a medical reference, As well as a medical expert on guidelines, brochures, curriculum and medical website consultant.

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