Katherine  Venegas
Bach Flower Therapy , Herbal Therapy + 3
Lansing, Michigan, United States
Years of experience 10

Total years in practice: 10

Practitioner Name
Katherine Venegas
Bach Flower Therapy | Herbal Therapy | Naturopathic Medicine
Abdominal Pain
About me

I am Katherine and consider myself as a global citizen as I have experienced living in three continents, four countries and number of different cities around the world. I grew up in the city of Bogota, Colombia at the foothills of emerald foliage of the Andes Mountains. My family moved away from paradise to the arctic like weather of Windsor, Canada to save themselves from turmoil of unstable political climate.

I studied Dietetics (Nutrition) & ended up doing Post-Graduate Studies in Holistic Complementary and Alternative Medicine I have significant knowledge of different diets, holistic complimentary and alternative medicine, health and dietary supplements like vitamins, weight loss. I have always looked at science based research and combined with diet and exercise to achieve the best results for my clients. I am very motivated to help you lead a full life and coach you to make lifestyle modification to help with the medical conditions.

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