Michelle Perro
Integrative Medicine
361 3rd Street, Suite J, San Rafael, CA 94901
Years of experience 35

Total years in practice: 35

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Michelle Perro, M.D.
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Michelle Perro
Integrative Medicine
ADHD/ADD | Autism Spectrum Disorders | Chronic Pain
About me

Michelle Perro, M.D.

Michelle Perro, MD is a veteran clinician with over 35 years of experience in both pediatrics as well as in integrative medicine treating both children and their families.  Her career began in Pediatric Emergency Medicine winding its way into homeopathic and functional medicine over the years.  She has been director of a Pediatric Emergency Department in NYC and spent over a decade at UCSF Benioff Oakland Children’s Hospital.  Dr. Perro has been a tireless advocate concerning the role of GM food and their associated pesticides and their effect on children’s health.  She has an upcoming book out in January 2018 on this topic.

She is now joining the practitioners working out of the GMA offices. Michelle’s clinical practice is temporarily on hold while she participates in the book tour for her new book.

In addition to buying Michelle’s book, we highly recommend you watch her videos listed here, where she shares a tremendous amount of knowledge about the impact of pesticides and other toxicants on our children, and how she sees the healing process.

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