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About Me Judyann graduated with honors in Physics, a major in Biology and went on to graduate studies in microwaves and field theory. While doing post graduate research in bio-physics, she taught physics to airline pilots and nurses, exploiting her talent of making even the most complicated subjects accessible. Judyann has had a clinical practice for 21 years, held conferences since 1984 and taught physics, health sciences, homeopathy, holism and spirituality since 1975. A Homeopath with classical unicist training, certified by the Council of Classical Homeopathy (CCH), she is also a Naturopathic Medicine, and the founder of MICH. Judyann McNamara, MSc, ND, D.Hom MICH Founder, Director and Teacher At my conferences, people often ask why I left the world of biomedical physics to begin clinical practice as a homeopath over 20 years ago. Certainly, some of the experiments I witnessed involving bio-photon exchange and transmission in living cells caught my interest and sparked me to explore quantum biology and subtle energy fields. However, it was really the opportunity prompted by disease that led to my career change. The Opportunity of Disease My health severely deteriorated in my 30s. I had undergone multiple operations to correct a deformity at birth, a severe case of a congenital disorder known as pectus escalates. The operations were mostly experimental, and one involved the removal of my sternum and thymus gland when I was an infant. This created a compromised immune system, a displaced heart, tiny lungs, and almost constant prescriptions of antibiotics. It was in pure desperation that I tried homeopathy in my adulthood, and the results were astounding. My energy and vitality increased in a short time, my immune system began to function like it never had before. Homeopathy provided me with a new lease on life, and a new direction for my curiosity. By 1992, I had left my position as vice-president of a research instrument company, and had begun a practice in Naturopathic Mediciney with an emphasis on homeopathy. I became a teacher, and eventually the Director of a non-profit Naturopathic Mediciney school, the NHC, where I met up with Melissa Dair and Carla Marcelis, who have remained close friends and devoted associates in the founding of the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy, lovingly known as MICH (pronounced “meesh”). The Human Journey My life, and those of my clients have taught me that disease can be an opportunity. As a director and teacher at the NHC, I elaborated the theme that disease can be an opportunity to examine our life journey, meaningfulness and direction. Whatever our background, culture, profession, or lot in life, it is essential to know who we are, and how to live meaningful lives. Perhaps, like many people, you have postponed the dream of your heart. Disease can help us realize that many of the things holding us back from inhabiting our lives to the fullest, holding back the creative flow of our own destiny, are false things, only false desires and images formed in our minds. We have one life, and it is a shame to limit and impoverish it by fear and false barriers that we construct for ourselves. To be a human person fully alive is to express one’s passionate instinct, and to come into rhythm with life. Many of us are not living the life that we love, but living the life that we have forced ourselves to live. Our disease is often there to remind us that we have come out of rhythm with our own individual nature, and to invite us back, in the solitude of the healing process, to reclaim it. The shape of each soul is different, the journey and destiny unique for each person. Trying to repeat what others are doing or force oneself to live what others expect is to belittle one’s own deeper nature. Disease is the call to come back in, to our gentle solitude, to find again the dream that lies in the hearth of our soul. We need to learn to look at that dream and feel it, like a child on the threshold of discovery, where there is delight and ease and joy and celebration. Disease teaches us that the physical and the transcendental are intertwined in a glorious dance that takes us into, and through our suffering, to the passion and glory of life.

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