David Kempson
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West End Homoeopathy, 30 Thomas Street West End
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David Kempson - Homeopathy
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David Kempson
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"About Me I am a Classical Homoeopath, trained at the Sydney College of Homoeopathy. I graduated with a Diploma in Homoeopathic Medicine in 1995. I was taught by a number of excellent Australian homeopaths - Diane McCombe, Peter Tuminello, David Levy, Kenneth D'Aran amongst others. I was given a good grounding in the mechanics of repertory and materia medica while being exposed to the more creative and progressive elements of homeopathy. Having been given a firm foundation to rely upon, I have been able to explore various case-taking and diagnostic/prescribing methods with a critical eye, assessing what stays true to our principles and what does not. I have worked almost continuously as a homeopath for the last 20 years. Educational Background and Contact Details Diploma of Homoeopathic Medicine, 1995 Certificate III Communications Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment Mental Health First Aid Certificate Certificate of Completion Child Protection Certificate of Attendance Trauma-Informed Care and Practice Certificate of Completion Suicide Prevention Registered as a Professional Homoeopath with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, member 5141 Email: [email protected] Mobile: 0431 648 458 Current Clinic Space: West End Homoeopathy, 30 Thomas Street West End My History My early working years were spent as an Australian Customs Officer. I had no particular interest in working in health until I received a series of Hepatitis B vaccinations. I began to suffer from extreme chronic illness very soon after. I was referred by a friend to a homeopath he worked with, and I had no idea what homeopathy was. This first experience was very positive - she devoted a great deal of time to listen to what was happening to me, and asked many strange questions! I was fascinated by the process. What's more, after being chronically ill for so long with little help (or sympathy)from orthodox medicine, I began to see a remarkable shift in my symptoms. This all seems to come about from her understanding of how my disease was affecting my thoughts and emotions. I was so interested I kept pestering her with questions until she finally said to me 'Have you thought about studying Homoeopathy?'. Needless to say, I jumped at the suggestion. I have managed to continue working as a homeopath for most of my adult life. Homeopathy is a notoriously difficult profession to pursue and despite graduating many people are unable to maintain a practice. Homeopaths face a high level of opposition from orthodox medical practitioners and from pharmaceutical companies who tend to define what modern medicine is today. This societal pressure combined with the technical difficulty of homeopathy means many fails and we are always underrepresented in the community. Apart from clinical practice, I have been a lecturer in Homoeopathy at the Australian College of Natural Medicine (now called Endeavour). I have also worked for community-based organizations providing counseling, mediation, and support for victims of domestic violence."

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