Dr. Tharshini  Nirmalarajah,
Holistic Medicine
2/1225 Nepean Highway, Highett, VIC 3190
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Total years in practice: 5

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Tharshini Nirmalarajah
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Dr. Tharshini Nirmalarajah,
Holistic Medicine
About me

Dr Tharshini is a Chinese medicine doctor / energetic fertility specialist and the founder of Fertile Seeds of Life.

Fertile Seeds of Life was created for global audiences seeking a healing philosophy and practice as an alternative to IVF. Dr Tharshini's extraordinary team of practitioners possesses the unique skills and capabilities to transform and heal fertility patients. As a result, Fertile Seeds of Life has developed and delivered fertility healing programs unlike anywhere in the world.

We are built on providing love, understanding and compassion to every person who becomes part of our remarkable extended family. We are currently looking at expanding by creating and opening a fertility centre that emits the highest frequency of love and offers one-of-a-kind programs for  our growing international audience.

As a leader in her field, Dr Tharshini has revolutionised the way fertility procedures are currently performed

Her passion and mission is to help couples realise they are more than their age and lab results when it comes to fertility. She is a nurturing and passionate practitioner who has extensive knowledge and 17 years of experience in the health industry. This gives her a deep  and indrecidle understanding of western medicine science and energy medicine, which she combines to transform people's lives.

After her many years in clinical practice and treating thousands of patients internationally, she felt something was missin

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