Dr. Amar  Rapha,
Holistic Medicine , Meditation
Tucson, Arizona, United States
Years of experience 6

Total years in practice: 6

Practice Name
Sirach health wellness
Practitioner Name
Dr. Amar Rapha,
Holistic Medicine | Meditation
Anxiety Disorders | Depression | Stress
About me

Spiritual Healer and Royal Priest of the Royal House of Chiefs and the Council of Elders Nation of YHWH Tribe of YHDH™️ (Whidah, Whiddah, Quida, Fida, Hueda, Whydah, Ajuda, Juda) 

Doctor of Mental Health, Spirituality and Doctor of Humanity, Certified licensed Master Cannabis Cultivator. Studied plants and bio-mineralization with a self developed method of Intertribal Health Care for over 10 years ever learning always seeking to Perfectly love here to Serve Mankind .

Specializing in spiritual healing through Medicines out of the Earth, re-mineralizing the body by a rich mineral health plan addressing the essential minerals necessary for adequate health. Mineral imbalance deficiency is an epidemic, there is no one mineral deficiency they all must be maintained in balance within the body.

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