Marissa Ricci,
Holistic Medicine
Columbia, South Carolina, United States
Years of experience 5

Total years in practice: 5

Practice Name
Marisa Ricci | C.H.N
Practitioner Name
Marissa Ricci,
Holistic Medicine
Gut Health
About me

Hello! My name is Marisa, I am the founder of Holistic Seedling Nutrition. I was educated at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in British Columbia as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I am currently practicing as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

I am trained to evaluate nutritional needs by identifying symptoms that may indicate health imbalances. I strongly believe that the foundation for good health begins in the gut.

 I use a holistic approach to assess nutritional needs through one-on-one consultations and focused questionnaires.

Our health goes far beyond the food that we eat. I strongly believe that we must feed all aspects of our being to be truly healthy and whole. It is an important part of my practice to take my client’s emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health into consideration.

My approach to healthy eating is not one size fits all.

I believe that there is not one diet that is suited for everyone.

I work with people to help them discover a way of eating that is best suited for their body & its unique set of dietary needs.

I have a strong passion for health & wellness. Despite the set backs I have faced, I am beyond grateful for the health challenges I have endeavoured, as they have lead me to where I am today

In my spare time I now find joy in studying nutrition, cooking, baking, and brewing kombucha.

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