Candy Thayer,
Aromatherapy , Cupping + 5
San Jose, California, United States
Years of experience 20

Total years in practice: 20

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Candy Thayer
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Candy Thayer,
Aromatherapy | Cupping | Holistic Medicine | Massage Therapy | Reiki Therapy
Allergies | Anxiety Disorders | Back Pain | Chronic Pain | Depression | High Blood Pressure | Hypertension | Insomnia
About me

I started my journey in 2001 after living in the corporate world for 20+ years.  I was slowly disappearing into a life that was not my own, into someone who was not me.  Always whispering to myself, "I'm supposed to be doing something else.  Something great!"

​At that time, I took a leap of faith at the urging of a dear friend and went to massage school.  Not knowing whether I'd enjoy touching people or abhor it.  Turns out it changed my life!  I absolutely love that human connection and am always so honored and humbled when someone puts themselves in my hands.

It was then that I really came into touch with my intuitive abilities and this part of me grew exponentially.  Inspiring me to help others find their passion through self-care techniques, releasing old limiting, and sometimes self-sabotaging patterns.

​Many people are of the mindset that, "If it's not painful, time-consuming, or expensive, it probably doesn't work".  I can tell you from experience, nothing could be further from the truth!

Through many years of self-study I've learned many techniques to assist in releasing what does not serve so that we can be in a state of homeostasis, meaning our bodies know how to heal themselves if we just keep everything in balance. Mind, Body AND Spirit.  No part of this equation can be neglected if one wants true health, wealth and happiness.

​Self care sessions like massage and energy work of all kinds are, in my mind, a necessary complement to our regular medical checkups, in order to stay in a healthy state.

​In all of my sessions, I offer guidance on techniques clients can use on their own, between sessions, to help them maintain that state of balance.  Some of these might include, breath work, stretching, mantras, visualization, salt baths, journaling, and pure essential oils which are powerful plant "medicine", or whatever I'm called to offer.

​In these empowering self-care tools and treatments are all steps on your path to Ecstatic Wellness.  My passion is to help others live their best, inspired lives.  It's what makes my soul sing. Let's find your song!!!

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