Kimberly Neto
Hayward, California, United States
Years of experience 2

Total years in practice: 2

Practice Name
Nature Loves Nuture: Nutrition Services with Kimberly Neto
Practitioner Name
Kimberly Neto
Gout | Hip pain | Sleep Disorders | Stroke | Women's Health and Pregnancy
About me

As a self-proclaimed nutrition nerd, Kimberly brings passion and an
understanding to her work that we never stop learning and growing.
Convinced of the power of eating for health, she has evolved her
knowledge and understanding about how to take control of your health
over the last two decades with both self-study and then through formalized education.

Kimberly believes in a functional and
holistic approach to nutrition. This means that she looks at the whole
person, understanding that the body is dynamic and interconnected.
Kimberly believes in a systems-based approach that shows us that one
physiological system in the  body affects the other physiological
systems within the body. So, aiming to find the root of what is not functioning
or is preventing a person from feeling his or her absolute best is the
goal, as is a successful therapeutic partnership between Kimberly and
her clients.

Kimberly provides sound, organized nutrition education and lifestyle
recommendations. She does not diagnose or treat disease, but rather
supports lifestyle balance and health through her work. Besides her
clients, she enjoys working in conjunction with medical doctors and
other healthcare providers.

Kimberly’s work is informed by scientific study and attention to the
latest research. She also believes that you are more than your symptoms
and therefore approaches your concerns functionally, looking at the
client as a whole being. Taking the time to learn about her clients,
Kimberly provides compassionate yet straightforward bio-individual
recommendations that are in alignment with each person’s unique needs
and values.

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