Mrs. Laura Dankof, Functional Medicine

206 Black Fawn Lane, , Colorado, United States, 50111

 Years of experience  24

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Education MSN, ARNP
Specialties Functional Medicine
Conditions Fibromyalgia | Hypothyroidism | Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) | Menopause
Language English
Experience 24
About Me

Hi there!  I’m Laura Dankof, MSN, ARNP, a Functional Medicine nurse practitioner who helps people get to the root cause of dis-ease.  You are not simply a constellation of symptoms that can only be treated with prescription drugs.

As the founder of Path to Health and Healing and , my mission is to help you heal your gut, balance your hormones and reclaim your health and vitality. Let me help you take charge of your own health and transform your life. Health care today is a big corporate business that has lost its way.  The art of healing has been lost in a mire of regulations and pharmaceutical influence.  It is time to remember that health and healing is about addressing the whole person. This includes healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  It is not simply about taking a pill.   

I am passionate about increasing awareness about the benefits of natural and functional medicine.

My journey began like so many other holistic health practitioners. I saw the shortcomings within the conventional health care model when it came to my own health and also that of my loved ones.  This lead me on a journey to find answers as to WHY things happen, and HOW do we fix it.  Don’t you want to know why you have a hormone imbalance, depression, pain, or why you have developed various other diseases?  Don’t you want to figure out how to improve your health, or better yet, prevent disease from happening in the first place?  Conventional medicine is great at acute care, but is lacking when it comes to managing chronic disease.  Taking a handful of pills to mange symptoms is not the answer.  Getting to the “ROOT CAUSE” is the answer to solving the health care crisis. 

I want to help you get to the root cause.  Each of u

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