Yoko Kawashima,
Functional Medicine
United States
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Yoko Kawashima
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Yoko Kawashima,
Functional Medicine
Autoimmune Disease
About me

Yoko Kawashima

As a board-certified functional medicine health coach,

I empower women to heal from autoimmune disease and thrive beyond their diagnosis. The truth is, about 8% of the American population has an autoimmune disease…and about 80% of them are women, according to the National Institute of Health. 

That’s why

I’m devoted to helping you course correct. In conjunction with your doctor’s recommendations, I help you get to the root of fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues, skin flare-ups, joint pain, high blood sugar levels, and more, using functional medicine principles and methods of positive behavior change. 

I’m here to

arm you with a clear roadmap that examines all modifiable lifestyle factors, includes science-backed guidance for health optimization and offers you a structure to monitor progress and measure outcomes.

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