Dr. Robin  Lewis, ND
Functional Medicine , Naturopathic Medicine + 3
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Years of experience 8

Total years in practice: 8

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Vancouver naturopathic doctor
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Dr. Robin Lewis, ND
Functional Medicine | Naturopathic Medicine | Integrative Medicine
Abdominal Pain | Anxiety Disorders | Autoimmune Disease | Back Pain | Breastfeeding | Burns | Celiac Disease | Chest Pain | Constipation | Cough | Dementia | Depression | Dermatitis | Diabetes: Type I | Diabetes: Type II | Digestive Health | Fibromyalgia | Food Allergies | Gallstones | Gastritis | Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) | Gastrointestinal | Gestational Diabetes | Gut Health | Headaches | Heart Disease | Heart Health | High Blood Pressure | High Cholesterol | Hormone Health | Hypertension | Immunity | Insomnia | Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) | Joint Pain | Kidney Stones | Migraine | Neck Pain | Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) | Sleep Disorders | Stress | Weight Problems | Women's Health and Pregnancy
About me

 Dr. Robin Lewis

Fuelled by a strong belief that holistic medicine is the best approach for chronic illness, Dr. Lewis – a former competitive gymnast- knows firsthand what it feels like to neglect one's health in pursuit of excellence in other areas. While this sport taught her a lot about self discipline, it also forced her to reflect on life balance at a very early age.

She found that life often encourages us to ignore our bodies and how our bad habits are affecting it. Over time this leads to the accumulation of small issues that can one day lead to a much larger health crisis. She feels it is part of her job as a physician to teach people how to tune back into their bodies and give their bodies the tools it needs to thrive!

She chose naturopathic medicine because it provides a strong medical understanding of the human body, while also acknowledging the role of our mental and spiritual well-being. Her deep passion for providing high quality, holistic care is the reason she is able to achieve the results that she does. 

“The more I learn about the human body, the more I am humbled by it. If there was a one size fits all approach, we would know it by now. That is why I feel so passionate about individualized approaches to health and helping people discover what works best for their unique bodies.”

 As a student for life Dr. Lewis is continually attending multidisciplinary, educational conferences and researching the latest publications to ensure she is providing the best possible care for her patients.

‘Doctor as teacher’ is one of the 6 principles of Naturopathic Medicine. I believe that understanding your body is crucial in the healing process and I love educating my patients on this!With 8.5 years of education I am eager to spread the knowledge and believe this shouldn’t be limited to patient visits.

Being an active member of our community, I love doing health talks for local businesses and community centers. This includes private corporate wellness talks, as well public talks. I find this to be an excellent way to better understand the population that I serve and get people motivated to take charge of their health!

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