Robyn Cogger, B. HSc(Naturopathy), B. Sc(Nat Res), Cert. Nutrigenomics
Functional Medicine , Holistic Medicine + 4
144 Barkers Rd, Hawthorn VIC, Australia
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ReMed Natural Medicine Clinic
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Robyn Cogger, B. HSc(Naturopathy), B. Sc(Nat Res), Cert. Nutrigenomics
Functional Medicine | Holistic Medicine | Naturopathic Medicine | Nutrition
Abdominal Bloating | Abdominal Pain | ADHD/ADD | Allergies | Autoimmune Disease | Bronchitis | Celiac Disease | Chronic Pain | Constipation | Cough | Depression | Eczema | Endometrial Hyperplasia | Epilepsy | Fatty Liver Disease | Food Allergies | Gallstones | Gastritis | Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) | Heartburn | High Blood Pressure | High Cholesterol | Hives | Hyperlipidemia | Hypertension | Hyperthyroidism | Hypothyroidism
About me

Robyn is a qualified and registered Naturopath focused on supporting families living with neurodevelopmental conditions including Autism, ADHD, OCD, epilepsy and PANS & PANDAS. Robyn has first hand personal experience with managing child neurodevelopmental disorders and understands the challenge for families trying to navigate for better health investigation and outcomes.
Multiple co-existing conditions often present, such as autism and OCD, with an overlap of symptoms and a risk for diagnostic overshadowing. Robyn works with you to carefully map out symptoms and drivers to ensure treatment options are precise, effective and reduce reliance on more extreme interventions to manage symptoms.
Robyn is certified in Nutrigenomics and will help you develop a plan with respect to how your genes influence your brain hormones, neurological and immune function, GIT function and hormonal health.
Robyn also focuses on the gut/brain connection and uses reliable functional testing to help you eliminate the guess work in identifying certain foods, diet options and pathogenic triggers that might drive immune and inflammation responses hurting the brain, affecting mood, sleep quality and cognitive performance.
Intergrative pathology testing and interpretation available
DNA methylation (including MTHFR).
Personalised genetic profile for hormones and cognition.
Organic acids test (OAT).
Comprehensive gastrointestinal mapping for all gut issues.
Tissue mineral analysis for body minerals and metals profile.
IgG food intolerance panel for gut/immune issues.
ALCAT sensitivity test for comprehensive immune profile of environmental antigens.
Environmental pollutant panel.
Mould and biotoxin panel.

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