Robyn Cogger, B. HSc(Naturopathy), B. Sc(Nat Res), Cert. Nutrigenomics
Functional Medicine , Herbal Therapy + 5
144 Barkers Road, Hawthorn VIC, Australia
Years of experience 4

Total years in practice: 4

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Arising Health
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Robyn Cogger, B. HSc(Naturopathy), B. Sc(Nat Res), Cert. Nutrigenomics
Functional Medicine | Herbal Therapy | Holistic Medicine | Naturopathic Medicine | Nutrition
ADHD/ADD | Autism Spectrum Disorders | Epilepsy | Gut Health | Mental Health And Behavior | Sleep Disorders
About me

Robyn Cogger is a qualified and registered Australian naturopath and nutritional therapist with a focus for supporting families living with neurodevelopment disorders including autism, ADHD, OCD, tics and PANS/PANDAS.

I use functional medical testing to help you map out a plan using nutritional and herbal interventions to optimise neurodevelopment performance. Plus taking care of the all the co-morbidities associated with neurodevelopmental challenges such as gut issues, mitochondrial performance, sleep difficulties and preserving good mental health and stress resilience while living with a disability or chronic condition.

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