Rekha Murali
Functional Medicine
Appian Way, Pinole, CA, USA
Years of experience 25

Total years in practice: 25

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Rekha Murali Functional Medicine
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Rekha Murali
Functional Medicine
Weight Problems
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About me

An Internal Medical Doctor, I am Dr. Rekha Murali who has
been practicing medicine for over 25 years.

I have been involved in research on kidney disease and
diabetics at the USC Medical center. I completed my residency training at
Martin Luther King Drew UCLA center. Over the years of practicing medicine, I realized
that medications were not the optimal answer to treat my patients effectively.
I have been incorporating Integrative medicine principles in my practice. With
ever growing number of patients coming in with chronic medical conditions, I
have been on a mission to find other complementary treatments for patient’s

As a dedicated physician and mission to offer the best care
for my patients, I have started incorporating Integrative and Functional medicine
in my practice and started advocating holistic approach with lifestyle modification
as prescription to my patients. I have been active member of Institute of
Functional Medicine, ACCMA and AAPI.

I believe in community health and volunteer at Livermore
temple for health fairs, schools and active member of non-profit organizations.
I have also been awarded “America’s Best Physician by the consumer board. Our
motto “Enhance your Wellness and Enrich your Life.”

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Rekha Murali
Rekha Murali

Functional Medicine

25 Years experience

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