Maya Petrova
Functional Medicine , Nutrition + 3
San Francisco, California, United States
Years of experience 5

Total years in practice: 5

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Maya Petrova
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Maya Petrova
Functional Medicine | Nutrition | Diet Therapy
Arthritis | Depression | Diabetes: Type I | Diabetes: Type II | Gut Health
About me

"My dream is for people to realize that we are as good as our health. We’ll be of no use to our families, employers and, most importantly, ourselves, if we get sick and have no energy. " 

Maya Petrova's holistic approach to individual counseling includes Chinese medicine techniques for identifying facial ailments, methods for identifying emotional difficulties according to specific health problems and the principles of functional holistic medicine for the treatment of everyone, and prescribing necessary tests before offering holistic treatment. 

Thanks to her approach, Maya aids her clients in changing and improving their lives altogether – to bring their mind, body, and spirit in complete harmony and balance. That is why people with emotional traumas and problems, professional difficulties, lack of motivation, and confidence often turn to her for guidance. 

Maya has built her professional experience in London, where she runs special seminars and individual consultations with women from the corporate world who want to get rid of stress and extra pounds and return to a relaxed, healthier way of living. In addition, she works at Calmer Clinics, along with masseurs, physiotherapists, psychologists, and fitness instructors. In the clinic, Maya works on complex cases such as anorexia, arthritis, diabetes, Hashimoto’s, depression, digestive disorders, and hormonal problems. 

She creates individual nutritional regimens for men and women. Among her clients are also bodybuilders who want to gain muscle mass or lose fat. 

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