Lucinda Miller
Functional Medicine
19 Cliveden Place, London, United Kingdom SW1W 8HD
Years of experience 5

Total years in practice: 5

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Lucinda Miller
Functional Medicine
About me

Lucinda Miller MGNI MRNI MH Lucinda has around 20 years of experience as a Naturopathic Medicine and gained a diploma in Naturopathic Medicineic Iridology and Western Herbal Medicine (MGNI MRNI MH) from The Holistic Health College. In 2008 she gained a further diploma from Functional Medicine University and is a fully qualified NLP coach and mentor for kids with ADHD and Autism. She is a full member of the Guild of Naturopathic Medicineic Iridologists and the British Herbal Medicine Association and the Association of Master Herbalists. She is a mother of three children, aged from 8 to 16.

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