Leona West
Functional Medicine
Years of experience 5

Total years in practice: 5

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Leona West
Functional Medicine
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Infertility
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For the last ten years Leona West has successfully assisted others in addressing many different conditions including fatigue, stress and adrenal conditions, Auto-immune disorders like Hashimoto’s, healthy and permanent weight loss, digestive health issues, cholesterol and heart health, blood sugar issues, Infertility, hormonal issues in both women and men. Leona is a family practitioner who treats many conditions and whole families through functional medicine nutrition. Additionally over the last 10 years Leona has also specialized in the particular areas of autoimmune conditions, digestive conditions and Infertility. Leona is considered a Infertility expert, helping many couples overcome months or years of Infertility challenges and go on to conceive and deliver healthy babies. Leona also enjoys working with people who just want to improve their overall health and gain more understanding about their individual needs and food choices. She uses nutritional therapies, herbs, supplements, detoxification programs, whole foods, and diet and lifestyle practices. She also honors and addresses the emotional factors involved in good health and in persistent health problems. Leona takes a food as medicine, whole body, and whole mind approach to health, favoring traditional modalities that consider the whole person coupled with cutting edge approaches in lab testing and diagnosis. She is excited to work with people who are ready to make a change in their health and in their life. She understands and has observed that even the simplest of food and lifestyle changes can make a significant and positive effect on how we feel in our body and mind and how it reflects in our entire lives. Leona West is certified as a Nutritionist, Herbalist, Fitness Trainer and Birth Doula. Leona West has maintained a successful functional medicine nutrition practice for the last 10 years. She has also been a natural health educator and public speaker on health, food and nutrition for over 20 years. She completed a formal nutritional medicine and herbal medicine program through AUCM, The American University of Complementary Medicine, located in Beverly Hills, California. She has additional training in Functional Medicine and certification in Functional Endocrinology and Blood Chemistry Analysis and has had the honor early on of apprenticing with gifted scientists and doctors. She is also involved in research and writing contributions to medical programs, book and magazine publications.

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