debbie   mikolajchak,
Spring, Texas, USA
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debbie mikolajchak
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debbie mikolajchak,
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My name is Debbie Mikolajchak! I am a former PE teacher and Personal Trainer, a proud mom of 2 boys, Blake and Nick, and a happily married wife to Larry. We have lived in Spring, Texas a suburb north of Houston since marrying.

The struggles and challenges I’ve had with confidence, body image and self-worth during my formative years have made me passionate about what I do. What I’ve been able to overcome in the past is what drives me to show up each day and work with people to know what they are capable of. I know the plague of perfectionism, the disease of negative self-speak, the self-destructive eating behaviors and the shame of anxiety and introversion.. I’ve broken through so much of what I just assumed were innate character flaws, and I feel obligated to help other women feel empowered to break through their own. I truly believe ANYONE can achieve amazing fitness results and a balanced life of happiness and purpose.

My faith and family come first in my life, but I’m passionate about taking care of the earthly body my Creator entrusted me while helping others experience that as well. I’m an ACE-certified personal trainer and weight management specialist and former group instructor. But my career focus is online fitness coaching and business mentorship.

For many years, I taught PE classes and focused on my students health and teaching them skills that would keep them active for a lifetime.

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