Heather Keller
Encinitas, All States, United States
Years of experience 22

Total years in practice: 22

Practice Name
woe to WOW
Practitioner Name
Heather Keller
ERYT500 | Healing Therapy Instructor | Nursing | Yoga for Arthritis
Autoimmune Disease | Kidney Stones | Sleep Disorders
About me

Hello friend and healer, 

I am a healer.  Not a healer that focuses on doing the healing for others.  I am a healer for myself and through my own healing experiences I help others upgrade their capacity to serve.  

I started off being attracted to science and helping others as an RN and continue to practice this ART in the hospital setting.  It's been 23 years.   Then realizing that the spirit was underdeveloped and or explored in my own self that this aspect of medicine was a huge void in our healthcare delivery system.  My tool belt is now filled with trainings in yoga therapy,  Yoga for Arthritis, the integrative healing practices of meditation, energy medicine, healing touch, Reiki, essential oils, and functional medicine with  nutritional cleansing.

Now my work is creating powerful networks of practitioners who are seeking to advance their own practice for themselves and their purpose in helping others heal.

I coach and network with under-supported and stressed out healers to become powerful, prosperous and strong in their practice.  

We connect and expand together to empower YOU to be a bigger and bolder version. 

Let's get to work! 

Love and blessings,

Heather Keller, RN, BSN, E-RYT500, CHTP 

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