Traci Fields
Diet Therapy
211 East 43rd Street #638 NY, NY 10017
Years of experience 22

Total years in practice: 22

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Traci Fields
Diet Therapy
Hypothyroidism | Weight Problems
About me

A Comprehensive Approach to Overall Wellness Through my unique and varied experience as a Registered Diet Therapy for 22 years and as a Physician Assistant for 15 years in many different specialties, I have acquired invaluable knowledge on how to approach the patient as a whole instead of treating each specific issue separately. I employ a comprehensive approach to promote my clients overall quality of life through preventative medicine, medical nutrition therapy, supervised weight loss, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and essential oils. The use of any and all of these modalities has proven successful among all ages, sexes and backgrounds, and have allowed my clients to achieve the best health outcomes.

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