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Are YOU Planning for Happiness? THE MEALS MAVEN·WEDNESDAY, We are surrounded by quick-fix diets and fast food dependencies but more time-crunched than ever before. We eat food that doesn’t taste good or make us feel good because it’s time to eat and we don’t have time to cook, so we settle for something quick that we can eat on the run and end up unsatisfied and craving something more. We aren’t happy, we aren’t healthy, and we’re tired. We’re also eating too much of everything because we keep trying to wake up and get the energy and enthusiasm we need to make it through each day. You can be happy now and you can be awake now. You can eat real food that tastes good and still have time to enjoy it. Meal planning, with an emphasis on real food and lifestyle adjustments, will change your life. You can find the time to eat real food, no matter how busy and overwhelmed you are, because I’ve done it for myself and I’ve helped my clients find the time they need, too. It’s not a quick-fix solution. It takes time and practice, habits need to form, goals need to be set and met. But you can do it and you are capable. I’ve been down both paths- the fast-food, quick-fix convenience and the “real food” option that requires our attention and hands-on effort to create a meal that supports and sustains us. The difference in my physical, mental, and emotional health today, when compared to my life 15 years ago, is astonishing. There is no going back. Let me help you feel amazing and find the time to make it happen.

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