Mascha Davis
Nutrition , Diet Therapy
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Mascha Davis
Nutrition | Diet Therapy
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MY STORY When I was seven years old, my family immigrated to the United States from Ukraine as political refugees. I didn’t speak a word of English and found my new environment terrifying. My family came with almost nothing, and we moved constantly for the first few years. Overcoming these challenges taught me resilience. As I grew older, it also instilled in me the true meaning of gratitude as I realized that just by virtue of coming to the US, I was given opportunities that many people are not fortunate enough to have. I felt tremendously lucky, and also discovered a sense of purpose - a strong desire to make a difference and give back. After enrolling at the University of WI-Madison, I landed on my true passion - nutrition. I learned that what we put into our bodies affects our physical, emotional and mental health. I understood that a healthy diet can not only prevent disease, but can be the catalyst that helps us to thrive and reach our potential in life. As I began my journey of becoming a Registered Diet Therapy Nutritionist (RDN), I started on a path of discovery of what it means to be truly healthy and to help others. After completing my undergraduate studies in Nutritional Science & Dietetics, I went on to obtain my Master of Public Health Degree at UCLA and to complete my accredited dietetic internship at the VA Hospital in Los Angeles. Since then my career has taken me to places all around the world - Europe, the US, and Africa. From world class medical centers in the US to tiny villages in rural Africa, I have studied nutrition and the common factors that contribute to our health and diet. Along the way, I discovered fascinating new cultures, recipes and ways of relating to food. My global experience has enabled me to objectively understand what influences our eating and health habits - including our culture, conditioning and beliefs. I alsodeveloped a unique set of tools that I use to redically transform health of those I am fortunate enough to serve. After years of living abroad, I returned to Los Angeles and started a private practice to combine everything I learned. I am grateful to be able to share my approach to nutrition and enable others to joyfully reset their approach to food - one informed by science-based knowledge and independently designed for you.

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