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Daphne Olivier
Diet Therapy
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome PCOS
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Daphne Olivier:The Unconventional Diet Therapy I’m a South LA (that’s Louisiana) gal, raised on “yes ma’ams,” potluck suppers, and iced tea. I’ve always had a vested interest in nutrition, in fact growing up I didn’t consider doing anything else except becoming a Diet Therapy. However, my road has been long and winding, peppered with lots of questions and research to get to the clear understanding of how to use food as information for the body. I have a BS in Dietetics from a conventional university and completed my internship working with the beloved veterans of our country. Since then I’ve run hospital cafeterias, implemented worksite wellness campaigns, nourished loved ones who were in ICU, rehabbed people after major heart surgery or vehicle accidents, loved on grandmas and grandpas in the nursing home, and taught children how to prepare nourishing food for themselves. I am a REAL FOOD Diet Therapy, which means I use food in it’s most natural form to nourish your body. When working with clients my goal is to: - help you find what foods support your body. - make sure you know how to prepare them in the kitchen or find them in the grocery store. - fit them into your unique lifestyle. I want to help you land butter side up on your journey to be the very best you.

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