Ms. Christine Wokowsky, Diet Therapy

Henderson, Nevada

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Specialties Diet Therapy
Conditions Weight Problems
Language English
Experience 5
About Me As a child growing up in a European family, food was prepared thoughtfully and with purpose. This nurtured in me a deep appreciation and respect for its simplicity and yet complexity. Christine Wokowsky My mother was practically an herbalist. She owned almost every herb and spice known to man; growing many and using them culinarily and medicinally. Some of my earliest recollections were the wafting smell of garlic, being gently coaxed in olive oil, releasing its organosulphur compounds which has such a profound, epigenetic affect on our health. During my mothers childhood, my grandfather travelled extensively to the Far East for his business. This created a symbiotic home environment where east and west shared mutual respect in food, medicine and thought. My father was a Swiss alpinist so naturally we were all born with a rucksack on our backs! After we moved to America we hiked the pine-filled mountains of New Hampshire and explored our home state, Massachusetts. But it was when my mother got sick, really sick and was in a coma for 3 weeks, dying shortly thereafter that I had my epiphany - I would one day be involved in health, on some level, helping people to hopefully not live short lives.

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