Andrea Brambilla,
Diet Therapy
Huntington Beach, California, United States
Years of experience 9

Total years in practice: 9

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Andrea Brambilla RD
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Andrea Brambilla,
Diet Therapy
Weight Problems
About me

I am Andrea

I’m a registered dietitian with a functional nutrition approach to health. Even though I have a strong nutritional clinical background working in conventional medical hospitals and clinics, I have always been interested in holistic and natural forms of healing. I truly believe in the power of healthy eating and lifestyle in improving the quality of one’s life. I became a vegetarian at 16 years old but only after I learned to trust my body and intuition and choose a holistic approach to healing I was able to improve my health. Today, I follow mostly a raw foods plant based diet. However, I understand we are all unique with different genetics, and cultural backgrounds and perhaps, a vegetarian or raw foods plant based diet is not for you. It is my passion to help you transform your life by understanding your needs, and to create a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan to create long term successful health outcomes.

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