Ms. Elizabeth Westfeldt, Nutrition

, Denver, Colorado, United States, 80211

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Practice Name E.W. NUTRITION
Education BA- evolutionary biology | Certified Health Coach | Certified Nurse Assistant
Specialties Nutrition |
Language English
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you, my story is complex full of twists, turns and strive for balance.
At a young age I knew how to eat and knew what my body needed. Overtime
with awareness of society and self perception this intuition was
challenged and ignored. Despite my competitive athletics and the need
for proper fuel for my body to perform and function I became unable to
care for it. I developed and struggled with eating disorders from age
twelve through college. There were times I was able to balance athletics
and the controls of my disordered eating. But that balance was
completely thrown in to the point where I could not participate in my
life. My physical and mental health were severely compromised, I had to
make a change. With time I have healed and developed skills and
behaviors to build a healthy life and to listen to my body and regain
that intuition I had as a child. Life will continue to be a balancing
act with relationships, work, food, exercise and leisure. The key is
learning from the past and listening to my body.

In striving for
balance I have developed a desire and purpose in helping others balance
their own lives. I work with clients who want to change their diets and
lifestyles to heal and fuel their bodies and to be flexible with the
fluctuations and changes of life. I received my professional nutritional
training as a Certified Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative
Nutrition in New York. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from
the University of Colorado-Boulder.


all face points in our lives where we have to make change. Each of us
has the tool for health and change, our bodies. The human body is a
machine that knows how to operate and heal itself. We have to properly
fuel that machine to help it perform the way it is designed and to aide
it in the daily healing process.  Recognizing and listening to the cues
of your body is the key to defining your nutritional needs, nutrition is
not one size fits all. I am passionate about helping people learn about
their bodies and minds and coaching them in the process of finding what
will best fuels their lives.

and listening to the cues of your body is the key to defining YOUR
nutritional needs, nutrition is not one size fits all."


will work with you along your journey and create a tailor made plan for
your individual needs and goals. We will discuss aspects of life beyond
food. We will address stress, relationships, exercise and self
compassion. We will work together to make changes that are attainable
and most of all maintainable for you to live a healthy and balanced
life. As a coach I will help hold you accountable to your goals and give
you the tools and encouragement to make them a reality.

"The body is a machine, learn to give it the fuel it needs so you can live a life you love."

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