Dr. Shakinah stacy Judah, LMFT
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California, USA
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Total years in practice: 25

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Dr. Shakinah Stacy Judah
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Dr. Shakinah stacy Judah, LMFT
Mental Health And Behavior
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Dr. Judah works with couples using EFT and experiential approaches.  

She works with children (2-18) using play and art therapy. 

Dr. Judah works with clients utilizing transpersonal, somatic, and spiritually based approaches. She is a psychotherapist for clinicians,' clergy, and educators.'

Dr. Judah conducts virtual therapy on Mondays utilizing cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and spiritual approaches; helping clients' to heal the impact of anxiety and depression, trauma, and relationship conflicts. 

Dr. Judah's educational background includes degrees in sociology, human development,  social service, counseling, and marriage family therapy. She is the founder of Helm Counseling, a mental health clinic serving families of the bay area of California. Dr. Judah is the founding director of the 'Source Blue' program, a mental health program serving the needs of first responders. Stacy has facilitated inpatient and outpatient psychotherapy groups for over 25 years.

"As I reflect on my professional experience for the past twenty years in the clinical field, several insights emerge for me. I have worked with women who were experiencing incarceration, dually diagnosed populations including the developmentally delayed, chemically dependent, and spiritually emergent. Working extensively in both the inpatient and outpatient settings has provided me with a wide range of experience with the elderly, children and their families, and the recovering population. I strive to provide the best practice base for clients in need of holistic answers."  Judah DMFT

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