Dr. Keith   allie Hurley,
Rockledge, Florida, USA
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Total years in practice: 3

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Keith Allie Hurley
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Dr. Keith allie Hurley,
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Meet the owners of Coastline Family Chiropractic! Dr. Keith and Allie Hurley! Our mission is to help, educate, motivate, inspire and guide every man woman and child that we can! We know health is the one factor that affects everything else in your life! In order for you to be the best mother, father, sister, brother, athlete, worker, artist... you will only be as good as your current state of health. Practicing the 5 essentials of health is a lifestyle that sets you free from chronic disease, unseeded suffering and a way to unlock potential so you can live out your purpose. Comment below or message us on the importance of having you and your families nervous system (the system that controls everything) checked to make sure the rest of your body is able to function and heal, just the way we were designed!

We  help people better understand and manage their health now to keep them healthy long-term focusing on the 5 Essentials. Where everyone is empowered to live to their full potential, starting with chiropractic care.

Chiropractors look for what’s wrong in the spinal alignment and fix it, based on the premise that your spine supports your body and becomes the foundation for excellent health. ⠀


♦️Your spinal cord’s main job is to communicate between your brain and body. ⠀

♦️Every spinal nerve has a special job for movement and feeling. ⠀

♦️These nerves tell your muscles how and when to move.⠀

♦️They also carry messages back to the brain about sensations including pain. ⠀

. ⠀

Taking care of this is vital system is key to longevity and health💯⠀

 Our job is to remove any interference and the body will do the rest. We must know the condition and position of our spine. The structure of our spine dictates the way in which we function that is ultimately controlled by our nervous system.

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