Dr. Kaisa Coppola, DC
Chiropractic , Functional Medicine
3027 Rancho Viejo Road, San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA
Years of experience 17

Total years in practice: 17

Practice Name
Harmony wellness clinic
Practitioner Name
Dr. Kaisa Coppola, DC
Chiropractic | Functional Medicine
Autoimmune Disease | Hormone Health | Thyroid Health
About me

Founder of Harmony Wellness Clinic, Dr. Kaisa Coppola's approach to medicine is a rare and potent blend of science and intuition. With 15 years clinical experience, she integrates Functional Medicine with Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition, and other holistic therapies to support whole-person wellness.

Combining empathic sensitivity with sleuth-like bloodwork analysis, Dr. Coppola has a gift for resolving the root cause of illness, and detecting dysfunction before it becomes pathological. Her profound understanding of the mind-body connection has led to breakthroughs for patients with a wide range of complex, chronic conditions.

At the heart of Dr. Coppola’s practice is a deep reverence for the body’s innate intelligence. ”My real job isn’t to heal others, but to help them heal themselves. Powerful change can happen when we awaken our own inner physician.”

It was a debilitating snowboarding accident that compelled Dr. Coppola to look beyond traditional medicine for answers. After three unsuccessful knee surgeries, she visited a chiropractor who specialized in Applied Kinesiology and Clinical Nutrition. By identifying the root cause of her delayed healing process, the doctor was able to treat other health imbalances, including thyroid autoimmunity and digestive issues. Within a few weeks, not only was Dr. Coppola pain-free and running again, she also had more energy, focus, and an insatiable curiosity for the mind-body connection.

"It’s as if everything came together at once for me. I realized that everything impacts our health and ability to heal, from the foods we eat to the thoughts we think. I love helping people join the dots in their life story, so that they can finally take control of their health and happiness."

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