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Francesca Minischetti
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Growing up in Rome among a family of medics, Francesca developed an early interest in health-care, piqued further by a visit she made aged 18 to the USA: “I spent a summer at camp at a Chiropractic College and by the time I returned home I knew what I wanted to be,” she said. She went on to train in Italy and the UK and graduated from The Anglo European Chiropractic College, Bournemouth with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic in 2001. Following her first professional role, in Manchester, Francesca returned to Rome for a period where she established her own clinic and nurtured an interest in TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder), working closely with Dentists – including her own father – to achieve Chiropractic solutions to the condition. Keen to broaden her skills and learn new techniques she then came to London – and Harley Street – but continued to commute and work regularly between the UK and Italy for 4 years. It is as a Director of Islington and Clerkenwell Chiropractic Clinic, her professional home since 2007, that Francesca has been able to finally fulfill her joint ambitions: to personally provide first-class Chiropractic care to meet a range of health needs, and drive a multi-disciplinary clinic that delivers expert patient care and promotes sustained well-being. The Clinics’ sister business; ‘Clerkenwellbeing,’ shares the Goswell Road address and provides excellent studio facilities plus tuition in yoga and Pilates alongside the traditional therapeutic approaches to health-care delivered by the Clinic. Francesca’s vision is a clear one: “In time I’d like to see the Clinic grow further,” she says, “and to bring on board other like-minded practitioners who can expand our resources and community.” Meanwhile Francesca herself treats a number of spinal and health problems and is skilled in a range of Chiropractic techniques. She has a particular interest in treating pregnant women and babies as well as TMJ disorders and dental issues: “What’s great about Chiropractic,” she says, “is that pretty much anyone can benefit; it can treat entire families, young and old. “It’s also extremely effective both in terms of achieving results – which it can do fairly quickly – and as an ongoing approach to supporting well-being and long-term health maintenance.” Francesca operates at both the Goswell Road and Prebend Street Clinics. To book an appointment call 020 7490 4042.

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