Dr. Stephanie Rimka,  BA, DC, BCN
Chiropractic , Functional Medicine + 4
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Years of experience 25

Total years in practice: 25

Practice Name
Dr. Rimka
Practitioner Name
Dr. Stephanie Rimka, BA, DC, BCN
Chiropractic | Functional Medicine | Holistic Medicine | Traditional Chinese Medicine
Brain Health | Chronic Foot And Ankle Pain | Chronic Kidney Disease | Chronic Pain | Mental Health And Behavior
About me

Dr. Stephanie Rimka, BA, DC, BCN is a holistic brain optimization specialist focusing on integrated neurotherapies to identify and address the root cause of mental illness, learning disorders, and chronic illness. She has dedicated over 25 years to learning the best practices in functional medicine from masters in their fields. Dr. Rimka offers a unique style of intuition and caring blended with a clinically based multi-therapeutic approach to solve hard-to-treat health problems. Her out-of-the-box, innovative approach to addressing complex problems with simple solutions, based on complex quantum biology, comes from a strong commitment to vitalism. The belief that the body is built upon wisdom and is always working in its best interest activates her relentless pursuit of learning, growing, and upgrading her skillset to help her patients heal. Dr. Rimka is truly a warrior fighting by your side on your journey to reclaiming vibrant health, and her results have been offering hope to the hopeless for decades.

Dr. Rimka built Brain and Body Solutions into the premier brain-based disorder healing facility in Atlanta. Patients travel from across the globe to experience her healing playground of comprehensive, permanent brain therapies, brain imaging, biofeedback, functional nutrition, epigenetics, cognitive testing, nutrient therapy, psychology, chelation, detoxification, Chiropractic, and Chinese medicine. Her focus on empowering people through education to take control of their physical and mental health, despite their doctor’s advice, drives her daily. She aims to break apart the numerous myths, half-truths, and blatant lies about “what is healthy” that keep people from being their best selves and living their best lives.

Dr. Rimka is active in private practice seeing clients 1:1, teaching online group courses in her E-Learning Center, leading healing group retreats internationally, teaching continuing education certifications to GA doctors, advising on a Scientific Advisory Board, and, most importantly, raising her teenage son Bennett.

Dr. Rimka is the winner of the People’s Choice Award 2020 for Best Mental Health Practice in Buckhead via Atlanta best Media Group. She graduated from Albion College, Albion MI 1995 (BA); Life University, Atlanta, GA, 2000 (DC); BCIA certified (BCN); Wahls Protocol certified; Scientific Advisory Board Member for New U Life Corporation, a Health and Wellness Supplement company; CEU certified Chiropractic instructor through the state of GA.

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