Kenyon Godwin,
Chiropractic , Functional Medicine
4927 S. Collins St.Ste 105 Arlington, TX 76018
Years of experience 30

Total years in practice: 30

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Dr. Kenyon Godwin
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Kenyon Godwin,
Chiropractic | Functional Medicine
Autoimmune Disease | Gout
About me

When Dr. Godwin was 12, his mother had a heart attack. As a single mom with no insurance, she didn’t get the help she needed. Dr. Godwin decided he wanted to be a doctor so he could help others. His anatomy teacher was a chiropractor who told stories about his office. It interested Dr. Godwin. After joining the military, he had a medical-based position that reignited his passion for health care. He decided to attend chiropractic school.

Understanding the Body’s Natural Abilities

Dr. Godwin went to Parker University to obtain a Doctor of Chiropractic. Since he didn’t grow up going to the chiropractor, it wasn’t until he began attending the college that he learned about the power of chiropractic. While there, an old shoulder injury from his military days started to worsen. The VA Hospital suggested surgery that would take him out of school for four months.

Instead, Dr. Godwin worked with a chiropractor on campus who showed him how to do structural work. “I rehabilitated my own spine and got my shoulder back to full function.”

In practice today, Dr. Godwin addresses your body’s structure and supports your lifestyle with useful advice and a range of additional services. He is also certified in the Webster Technique for pregnant women.

Involved in the Arlington Community

Over the years, Dr. Godwin has been recognized for his achievements. In 2015, he was named the Veteran-Owned Small Business of the Year. In 2014-2019, he won the Arlington Today Readers’ Choice All Star Chiropractor and Wellness Center and also won the Veteran-Owned Small Business of the Year in 2016.

Dr. Godwin is originally from Virginia. He lives in our community with his wife and three children. When he isn’t in the office helping patients, he loves to read (between 50-100 books a year!), travel and go to the gun range.

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