Dr. Essie Woods, Holistic Medicine

6712 Kenton Ridge Circle, Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States, 37421

 Years of experience  35

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Practice Name Essie Woods, M.D.
Education Internal Medicine Specialist | M.D.
Specialties Holistic Medicine
Conditions Neck Pain
Language English
Experience 35
About Me

Hello and welcome.

I am a retired physician with deep interest and experience in holistic and integrative medicine. I have always acknowledged the connections between mind and body and spirit, and used them to maintain health. My own life has been a treasure of experience in obtaining this balance, as I have lived with systemic lupus for 24 years. 

Your questions about how your body works, the nature of health and illness, interactions with the environment, and lifestyle choices are all welcome.

I will be sharing information on various topics frequently, and I welcome comment and conversation related to this.

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