Kavita Sharma
50 Centre Street, Mountain View, CA, United States
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freelancer nutritionist
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Kavita Sharma
Acidity | Acne | Allergies | High Cholesterol | Knee Pain | Skin, Hair and Nails | Weight Problems
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About me

I have been working as senior
research scientist with PhD in Zoology. I have holistic consultancy and
help people with skin related issues such as blemishes, aging, dark circles and
other skin issues.


As far as my story and journey, I
have been suffering from migraines and hence my journey into holistic living. 
I used to get migraines every
alternative day. Being working as a researcher, I have to spend lots of time
with microscope, computer and tiny organisms. Because of my migraines, I was
not able to meet my deadlines. The neurologist (known as best neurologist in
the area) prescribed me the migraine pills such as Topomax, Tryptins like
Maxalt, Rizoptran etc. I was taking these medicines almost for four and half
years but still did not help a bit. On top of this, these medicines made me put
on weight and among other things caused loss of vocabulary, memory and focus.
Then one of my friends recommended me to discontinue the medication and
suggested me to find the source of my migraines.

Doing some research, I found that my migraines are associated
with multiple things/triggers, which are due to lack of proper nutrition,
supplementation, stress, change in hormone levels, etc . I started to take
proper supplements and vitamins for 6-7 months regularly and now my migraines
are gone. I have helped many of my friends get rid of migraines too based on
their triggers. 
Please help me in passing this story to all your friends and
family who get migraines and are looking for a healthy and permanent solution.
Feel free to contact me.


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