Matt Kunst
Burlingame, California, United States
Years of experience 12

Total years in practice: 12

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Matt Kunst
Masters in Kinesiology
Depression | Drug Addiction | Mental Health And Behavior
About me

Struggled in school/life.

Had emergency appendectomy that brought me close to death (2008).

Had visions and dreams pertaining my life (208 & 2009).

Experimented with marijuana and other psychedelics (psilocybin). I used mushrooms recreationally before the surgery but used them medicinally and spiritually following the surgery.

Finished community college in 2009

Was motivated to take large student loans in pursuit of my studies (2010).

In 2012 I was kicked off my parents insurance and had to use Medi-cal. 

Earned a Bachelor's degree in History from SF State in 2013.

Earned a Master's degree in Kinesiology from Saint Mary's of California in 2015.

I have worked with the youth for over 14 years including child care, tutoring, coaching and substitute teaching. 

I have worked over 50 plus sports camps.

I use the knowledge from my History & Kinesiology degree, as well as the experience from coaching basketball, to help the youth and others with life.

Over this time I have learned a lot about people, this world and our place in it. I have developed the ability to connect with many different types of people, and learned have to motivate them in a way that gives them autonomy and efficacy.

My goal is to spend my life researching progressive medicine, sociology and psychology, as well as to interact with anyone about what it takes to be happy and healthy.


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