Jessica Ziebarth
Aromatherapy , Energy Medicine + 3
Boulder, Colorado, United States
Years of experience 10

Total years in practice: 10

Practitioner Name
Jessica Ziebarth
Aromatherapy | Energy Medicine | Meditation
About me

I am a Minnesota native with over half my life now spent living in Colorado - Boulder where I first came to live 22 years ago and am blessed to still be here, living with my husband and two daughters (& two cats). I became a healer, energy-based (via Reiki and many other modalities) but always working with Light energy, clearing that which isn't that gets in other's way and prevents success and healthy living! I have personally experienced many physical and health challenges (on all levels) throughout my 40 years here on Earth and I have also been the one advocating and by the side of many others close to me who have been challenged on every level from earth to sky - the physical, emotional, mental, soul and spiritual levels. My gift was not in becoming a corporate rock star it turns out, it is being a healer & guide for others to find what is the source/sources of their challenges and helping to find solutions, teaching others to heal themselves and accept their path and who they are in this life in ways that work for the individual. I love my gifts, I love having the opportunity to be a channel for Light energy to help and heal through me, my hands, my voice. 

Blessings. Healing. Light & Love.

-Jessica Ziebarth

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