Catherine Stearns
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Years of experience 16

Total years in practice: 16

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Catherine Stearns
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Catherine Stearns
B.S.. Kinesiology | Certified Worksite Wellness | Crossfit Coach | Personal Trainer
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I am a full time corporate Health Coach and Certified Crossfit Coach and Corporate Wellness Specialist. My experience is in 1-1 coaching and goal setting on subjects such as; fitness, nutrition and disease management. I am also a Mom and avid runner, completing my first marathon 6 months after my first child. I understand and can relate to a busy parenting lifestyle and I am experienced in guiding individuals along the best paths to help with time management, exercise programming, nutrition plans and stress management. If you are looking to better YOUR overall lifestyle, we should talk!

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Weight Management- Set a Weight Loss or Gain Goal and Achieve it in 1 Month
Catherine Stearns
Catherine Stearns


16 Years experience

Weight Management- Set a Weight Loss or Gain Goal ...

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