Deborah Post
Functional Medicine , Holistic Medicine + 3
bonita springs, Florida, United States
Years of experience 32

Total years in practice: 32

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Wellbridges Health Center
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Deborah Post
Functional Medicine | Holistic Medicine | Integrative Medicine
Acne | ADHD/ADD | High Blood Pressure | Tooth Pain | Women's Health and Pregnancy
About me

Deborah J Post MSN, ARNP is a Board Certified Advanced Nurse Practitioner with over 34 years of experience in a variety of health settings. She has worked extensively with chronic fatigue syndromes, male and female hormonal imbalances and adrenal stress disorders, women's health care, autism, ADD, depression and anxiety, insomnia, acute and chronic disease states and other related health issues. She is certified in Environmental Medicine to help clients clear up their internal and external environment to allow more optimal physical wellness. Working within a integrative medical approach and using a variety of complementary techniques, including medicinal herbology, nutritional and health education, she and the client work together to achieve maximal individual learning and approaches to health.



The approach of a functional practitioner evaluates and works to unravel the problems and individual concerns of each client.

"Healing depends not only on doing the right things but doing them in the right order. From that story, the right place to push or pull on the web of biologic dysfunction emerges, along with the right order of pushing and pulling to restore balance."  

Mark A. Hyman, MD,  Right Order Of Things: Peeling The Onion Of Chronic Disease

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