Ms. Vraja Manjari, Ayurveda

6315 Lindsley Ave, Dallas, Texas 75223

 Years of experience  5

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Specialties Ayurveda
Conditions Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
Language English
Experience 5
About Me Vraja Manjari (AKA Manjari) is a certified Ayurvedic health counselor specializing in Pulse diagnosis and Marma therapy from SV Ayurveda under Vaidya RK Mishra. Having grown up in India, she has lived an Ayurvedic lifestyle all her life. She is a versatile chef with the knowledge to adapt recipes to suit individual constitutions and health conditions. She is also a certified Bhakti Yoga practitioner under the esteemed guidance of Radhanath Swami. Having experienced the profound benefits of a spiritually conscious lifestyle, she is eager to share her knowledge with everyone she meets. As co-director of ConsciousVeda, she conducts classes, workshops, retreats and consultations

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