Vanita Sharma,
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11 Carnell Place Balwyn North VIC 3104
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Vibe Ayurveda
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Vanita Sharma,
Chronic Pain | Gastrointestinal | Mental Health And Behavior | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Skin Diseases
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Dr. Vanita Sharma

Successful entrepreneur, traditional ayurvedic doctor, and prolific writer, Dr. Vanita Sharma needs no introduction in Australia. It wouldn’t be amiss to call her the face of Ayurveda in Australia as many follow her advice and guidance to deal with chronic illness and conditions. Dr. Vanita Sharma, a Change-Agent, has devoted her multi-faceted expertise to helping people live a better and healthier life in today’s increasingly complex healthcare scenario.

An acclaimed Thought Leader in the domain of Ayurveda, Dr. Vanita Sharma is a fifth-generation Indian Integrative Ayurvedic Doctor who brings with her the wealth of legacy and experience through her family’s practice in India. Her venture ‘Vibe Ayurveda’ in Melbourne (Australia), offers a huge spectrum of holistic health services and traditional ayurvedic treatments that directly benefit people from across the Southern Hemisphere.

In addition to this, she has single-handedly facilitated an international collaboration with

Australia, India, Europe, Brazil, North America, etc., through their respective Health

Ministries to promote Ayurveda as a complementary health care program for various ailments and preventive care. She has been playing a key role in revolutionizing the global healthcare landscape for over a decade now. Her pioneering work in this domain has transformed many patients’ health and lifestyle for better and also won her the IABCA2018 ‘Business Woman of the Year’ award.

Furthermore, she has served as the Vice President in the Australasian Association of Ayurveda and is currently a Deputy Chair for Complementary Health in SkillsIQ for the Department of Education & Training. She is also an International Commission Representative in Ayurvedic Phytotherapy and Ayurveda from Australia.

The works of Dr. Vanita Sharma, have formed the genesis of connecting the 5,000-year-old. The practice of Ayurveda as an effective healthcare solution with the people of Australia and beyond. She also conducts state-of-the-art workshops and avant-garde nature retreats across the world where many have made extraordinary transformations in their lives through Ayurveda.

Currently, there is huge excitement about her body-of-work in Australia as evidenced by the extensive coverage of her interviews in several Radio Channels, TV Shows, Magazines and a host of high impact media including National Newspapers.

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